Gait Physical Therapy

Gait Rehab & Treatment of Balance Problems

Physical therapy is an effective way to treat gait pattern abnormality.  Gait is a fancy word for ambulation or walking.

BEAT physical therapists will teach you and your family members  how to prevent falls. Our rehab therapists will also educate you on how to avoid vertigo (dizziness) to reduce the possibility of falling and decrease the chance of injury.

BEAT Physical Therapy Balance and Gait Program in Columbia MD

Our excellent clinicians are lead by Dr. Day who is an Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist and Certified Integrated Manual Therapist.  Dr. Day performs a thorough evaluation, assessment, and create a treatment plan that is unique to each patient.  You are then seen at Our Adult Rehabilitation Center located in Columbia, MD where a Physical Therapist performs gait and balance training to decrease the risk of falling. 

The rehab facility is equipped with commercial grade equipment and practice evidenced-based therapy techniques. Our trusted physical therapists utilize functional outcome measurement tools to assess patients’ risk for falling, and we document the progress.We also treat athletes and employees who have work-related injuries.