Balance and Gait Training

PT Patient Success Stories and Testimonials

Many of our former physical therapy patients live normally and thrive after going through balance and gait (walking) therapy no matter what their mobility challenges might have been when they first came to BEAT Physical Therapy.

Read many patients testimonials by finding us on Just search “physical therapists in Columbia MD 21044”.  

If we were able to help them, we can help you too.Call us now at (410) 884-0000 or visit us at 5840 Banneker Rd, Ste 230, Columbia, MD 21044. We serve Howard County residents as well as Baltimore City, and Baltimore County.

Rehabilitation Services for All Ages

Balance and/or gait training can help many patients.  The beauty of gait training is that it also improves balance and visa versa!  We are here to help you!

Elderly or Seniors – We can help you prevent falls, gain confidence and a renewed independence.

Young and Older Individuals – Have you been in an accident?  We can help you regain independence through gait and balance training too!

Children – including infants with muscle or balance disorders, benefit with physical rehabilitation even if they begin treatment before they are able to walk.

Our rehab specialists work with patients who have either lost or not developed their mobility. BEAT Physical Therapy have a balance gait training program that allows you, no matter your age,  and in all situations to develop your muscle strength improve posture, helping you become more comfortable, mobile and confident.

Artificial Limbs – BEAT PT balance and gait training programs can help you adapt to a new prosthesis.

We give you every ‘bang for your buck’ by incorporating a cardiovascular exercise program to improve overall fitness for a better quality of life.

Spinal Injuries – BEAT PTs develop a training program that is useful for patients of all ages particularly for those suffering brain or spinal injuries. AT BEAT, patients begin working one-on-one with our physical therapists; this relationship is highly beneficial as it develops a bond which can enhance treatment and connect friendships for years to come.

What to Expect?

After a few visits, our BEAT physical therapists evaluate the progress and adjust the program to obtain maximum benefits. Balance training may include treadmill, recumbent bike, strength training, among others. Combining all the techniques provides an excellent way to build mental and physical strength that help any patient achieve independence.

At BEAT Physical Therapy we pride ourselves in the high success rate of our top-notch physical therapists in their experience with patients having balance issues.  Finally, balance gait training helps you, our Howard County MD physical therapy patients adjust to challenging conditions, increase their autonomy and progress towards goals.